Matchmaker Members2024-01-25T14:43:43-08:00

Matchmaker Members


  • We establish you as an independent contractor

  • You are responsible for your taxes and expenses

  • You will be paid the day after funds clear

Answers to Common Questions

Are there long contracts or commitments?2024-01-16T14:41:33-08:00

Nope. We keep it simple. Month by month contracts are the most common contracts we offer.

Are we a cooperative organization2024-01-18T09:50:48-08:00

We are in the process of making this happen. Until then, you become an owner in a limited partnership.

Do you offer sliding scale?2024-01-17T00:45:28-08:00

The goal for this service is to provide one-on-one connections. For every hour you pay, your matchmaker probably spends two hours to prepare and deliver your sessions. That is the long-answer. The short answer is no, sorry. Wish we could.

What type of cooperative is planned?2024-01-18T09:55:28-08:00

A for-profit community owned organization that provides products and services to meet our unique needs. We will make it easy for small woman-owned businesses to advertise and promote their business, organization and events.

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