Member Owners

Matchmakers and subscribers become members when they first sign up. Member owners have the opportunity to benefit personally, socially and financially. Instead of allow others to monetize our community, we are doing it ourselves.


List of Benefits

How we grow and prosper when we keep it in the family.

Professional Matchmaker
Matchmaker Matchmaker.p
  • The time you contribute to your community comes back to you as ownership,

  • We as a community are monetizing our love lives and travel, and taking the money from the hands of app owners and travel wholesalers.

  • You have the chance to contribute your ideas to something that benefits others.

  • Your business can advertise directly and affordably at our platform, trips and events.

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Where Your Membership Dues Go

Our goal is to give women affordable options and high payouts.

Where Your Money Goes

Who Gets What Amount
Matchmaker $20
Co-op Expenses $ 5
Credit Card Fees $2