Subscriber Members FAQs2024-01-17T19:22:51-08:00

Subscriber Members FAQs

Pre-Sales Questions

Are there long contracts or commitments?2024-01-16T14:41:33-08:00

Nope. We keep it simple. Month by month contracts are the most common contracts we offer.

Do you offer sliding scale?2024-01-17T00:45:28-08:00

The goal for this service is to provide one-on-one connections. For every hour you pay, your matchmaker probably spends two hours to prepare and deliver your sessions. That is the long-answer. The short answer is no, sorry. Wish we could.

Subscriber Members FAQs

What is the time length of the sessions?2024-01-17T00:18:42-08:00

We ask that you plan on one hour for each session with your Matchmaker and/or your matched session. However, if things go terribly wrong with your matched session, end the session early. It things go wonderfully right with your matched session, talk as long as you want. It is your time.

We connect interesting people.

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